Friday, September 28, 2012

NEW Club Penguin Field Ops 101 Cheats September 2012

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Hey guys!

Club Penguin released a NEW Field Op today! Follow All the instructions below to figure out how to beat this week’s Field Op!

First, You’re Agent phone will start ringing, Answer it and click “Go There” ! This is what gary will tell you when you talk to him! :

Club Penguin Cheats

Now, go to the Ice Rink and up to the hot dog stand:

Club Penguin Cheats

Your spy phone will turn GREEN. Click “Engage” on your spy phone and this will come up:

Club Penguin Cheats

Now, this looks familiar Right?? It’s smiliar to other Field Ops from the past! For those of you who don’t know..

To Complete the Field Op:

Use your mouse to hover over the red buttons, and a shape will appearHover your mouse over other buttons to see which buttons have the same shapeIf you find two buttons that match, click them, and BOOM! You completed a circuitOnce you complete all the circuits, You’re DONE!

Done! Now collect your reward

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