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Jetzt du nur bist jemand, der früher wissen

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Dun remove me from the site. I just wanna do a few contests and stuff with my extra xats and powers.

“Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Again, for dramatic effect! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.”

~Dimentio, Master of Dimensions ,Pleaser of Crowds

Here’s the glee version. I like it better.

Retiring gives you a very weird sensation. It’s a day you dread coming, but as Dimentio said, “I can hardly stand the wait!” You know everything you’ve worked for will become just a waste, but you’ll leave behind your legacy, and hopefully, you’re name. You have the devil and an angel on your shoulder. One says stay and the other says go.

My decision to retire (permanently) has been brought up by several complications in my life, but only one counts as ninety nine percent of my retirement. I’m heading off into high school now, and I believe that that isn’t a place for a kid you plays Club Penguin. A childish game, it is, but also fun.

I’m retiring mainly because of time. This army sucks up a large portion of my time. I’ve signed up for four honors courses, one college prep (not hard, not easy, on pace I guess), band [includes marching band, so I have to attend games], and an art class. One of my classes requires me to write 2 page essays every two weeks. That’s a challenge.

Also, I have my Irish Dancing career to think about. The hopes of winning the World Championship are far away. I haven’t even recalled (gotten in the top 50%) at the Worlds! I have done well at the North American Championships, but the Worlds is hard. My teacher’s mother told my mom something. “Your son! He’s going to be a World Champion some day!” I highly doubt that, but reach for the stars. If you miss, you’ll at least get to the moon.

I can’t really remember a lot about my early days in the Army of Club Penguin. I joined around late July or early August… July 31, 2010, I think it was to be precise.  Matre10 was nearing the end of his leadership, while Ken and Bob were 2ics. Mch, Klug, and Noka were all 3ics.

I met the ACP on Mammoth during a tactics session. Somehow, I had already known they had a site. I began to walk around shouting “IM LEADER!” Then, I went on chat and was membered. Everyone on Club Penguin was shouting “ICEY IS LEADER!” So, naturally, I private chatted Mchappy (after a while of figuring it out) and began to apologize. It took me a solid month to figure out that Mchappy = Icey Cold. Haha, fun times…

Everything is still a blurr. We were at war with the Ice Warriors, fighting for Sleet I think it was. Then Matre retired and Bob became leader. Noka was promoted, and I think it was Flipper who became the 3ic. By then, I had started my own news site with my best friends in the army, Totojesss1, Bunkerbumble, KieranFB, TheBrain81, Emaccoux, and Woogiman2. We called it CPAHO, Club Penguin Army Hangout. It was pretty successful, we went to war with SMAC and CPAE. Then we were hacked. 

Boy how I loved CPAHO. It was the best thing in my army days, and by far. We had contests and my ideas basically revolutionized the small army news sites. It’s pretty fantastic considering how much I brought to them.

Anyways, back to ACP. The Army of Club Penguin later went to war with the Night Warriors. We were brought down to our knees. I panicked. Was this the end of the Army of Club Penguin?

Nope! McHappy took over as leader when Bob retired. I forget who was promoted to 3ic… No one was, I think. Or was it Flipper now…. I forget. Anyways, we took out the Night Warriors and they plummeted after Vendetta retired. Mch’s leadership was great. Soon he retired, and then Ken and Flipper co-lead the army.

If course, you all probably know about this. They lead for over a year, first people to co-lead with each other, and the ongoing Light Troop wars. Nothing special. By then, most of my friends from CPAHO had retired, all accept for Bunker.

Ah ha ha. So! At long last, you’ve come to play, like late-sleeping toddlers!”

Not to play, but to rest. Retirement is a hard choice… I’ve been debating it since the beginning of June.

Totojess1- First for a reason! My best friend, we’ve gone through this together. You have most of my gratitude and I offer you the best wishes and best of luck. See you on the finish line.

Bunker- BUNKYBOO! You’re Irish, and you’re a girl. Who would’ve expected? I love Ireland, but I prefer London. Sorry. Anyway, we both share a liking for Kieran (you more than me, I hope). Soo many good memories… I’m Lag. Heehee, and the Unicorns and narwhals and Narnia. Excellent time. Best of luck to you, my friend.

KieranFB- Ahh, my Chief Editor. You’re British, and I love that fact. <3<3<3<3<3 I remember our arguments in CPAHO. We hated each other, but still were friends. Best of luck to you, Kieran.

TheBrain81, Emaccoux, and Woogiman2- I know you’re both not reading this, but we’ve had excellent times together. I think it’s honorable to pay a tribute to you in my CP Gravestone.

Cait- Remember Indie500? He brought you and I together. You’ve been my mentor and friend throughout this journey. Even though you are a girl, I do see you as an inspiration in the ACP. Good luck, my friend.

McHappy and Empoleon- Lately, it’s been you two that have kept my engines chugging on the tracks. Mch, you’ve been my leader and my idol. Emp, you’re just there (aka my BESTEST FRIEND AT THE MOMENT!). You two do get along with me, and hopefully each other. You’re the nicest people I’ve met in CP Armies. Best wishes.

Skloop and Funks- Two 3ics of the ACP, two leaders of CPAC. Skloop, you helped CPAHO become a success. Funks, you helped me reach my dreams. Both of you and CP Army Central have helped me through my journey, so I thank you for that.

Matre10- My one and only leader. I remember I considered you at the same level as Boomer. What I noob I was! I really hope you’re reading this, because I remember listening to your orders. I’m tearing up as I’m writing yours. You were my first leader, and I loved it. None of the leaderships I’ve served under were as good as yours. <3<3<3<3<3

Stew20- You just told me on chat to “MAKE SURE I’M IN IT (D)” Heehee, you’re in it now. Anyway, we’ve been General Buddies since forevah. Why would I forget you in this?

Boomer and Oagalthorp- Not really sure why I’m putting you in this. I guess I should since you’ve made the ACP what it is today. Uhmmm… thanks?


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